Sources for Genealogical Research in the Kahlgrund

State-Related Sources

Sources of the secular authorities, i.e. the feudal and jurisdictional lords, are mainly kept in Würzburg State Archives. Especially the Holdings "Mainz government papers" ("Mainzer Regierungsakten") are to be mentioned for the areas that belonged to the Electorate of Mainz prior to 1803.

   Staatsarchiv Würzburg
   97070 Würzburg
   Phone +49-931-355290, Fax +49-931-3552970
   Opening Hours: Mo-We 8.00-16.00, Th 8.00-20.00, Fr 8.00-13.30
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For the C I T Y of Alzenau only:
  Stadtarchiv Alzenau
  Hanauer Str. 1
  63755 Alzenau
  Phone +49-6023-502-160, Fax: +49-6023-30497

Church-Related Sources

The parish records are kept in Würzburg Diocesan Archives.
   Diözesanarchiv Würzburg, Matrikelabteilung
   Domerschulstr. 2
   97067 Würzburg
   Phone +49-931-386 576
   Opening Hours: Mo - We 8.30 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 17.00
   Appointment well in advance is absolutely necessary!

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Holdings (parishes) kept in Würzburg Diocesan Archives

Alzenau * oo + 1666- (Alzenau itself 1690-)
    incl. Hembsbach Kälberau, Michelau, Wasserlos
Ernstkirchen * oo 1665- + 1666-
    incl. Schöllkrippen, Schneppenbach, Waag, Vormwald, Sonderkahl/Sommerkahl
Geiselbach * oo + 1698-
    incl. Omersbach, Hofstädten and Fronbügel
Hörstein *1640- oo + 1661-
    (Kahl and Welzheim * oo + 1661-)
Kahl * oo + 1800-
Krombach *1669-1688; 1715- oo + 1677-1688, 1715-
Mömbris incl. Schimborn and Gunzenbach * + 1701- (not complete), * oo + 1730-
Wiesen * 1639 oo + 1661-

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