Townships of The Kahlgrund

Original Alzenau County After 1972 Aschaffenburg County

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List of Townships of Aschaffenburg County
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Homepages of Municipalities of the Kahlgrund

Alzenau (History)

Blankenbach (History)

Geiselbach (History (I)) (History (II)) (List of Old Families)

Heigenbrücken (History)

Hofstädten, Pfarrei Geiselbach, Gemeinde Schöllkrippen (History) (Genealogy)

Johannesberg (History)

Kahl am Main (History)

Karlstein (History)

Kleinkahl (History)

Krombach (History)

Mömbris (History)

Schöllkrippen (History) (Inhabitants' List of 1867)

Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Schöllkrippen
(A Verwaltungsgemeinschaft is a Union of small municipalities that have merged their administrative offices into one, but keep their legal identity and decision making bodies: own mayor, own local council (Gemeinderat).
VG Schöllkrippen administers the following municipalities:
Blankenbach, Kleinkahl, Krombach, Schöllkrippen, Sommerkahl, Westerngrund, Wiesen.

Sommerkahl (History)

Westerngrund (History)

Wiesen (History)